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Are supplements safe?

I’ve met people who worry about vitamin overdose. While it can certainly be a concern, the fact is that it does not occur very frequently. If you stick to well-known brands of vitamins and only buy from popular vitamin stores like Pureformulas, and products you buy usually will not contain vitamins or minerals in excess of the Daily Tolerable Upper Limit. Therefore, most of the time, there is no need to worry about overdosing on vitamins.

With that said, it is still useful to be aware of what the Tolerable Upper Limits of each vitamin is. Such information is easy enough to find online, on sites such as Wikipedia.

It’s important to keep in mind that Tolerable Upper Limits are usually much higher the the Recommended Daily Allowance. Many health experts feel that the Recommended Daily Allowance is set way too low. Instead of paying attention to RDA, I usually turn to natural health websites to see how much of a vitamin I should be getting.

Although many people view vitamins as commodities, since it’s something you put into your body, I always like to buy high-quality vitamins from stores like Pureformulas, which is my favorite online vitamin store.

Good quality vitamins are not inexpensive, but there are ways to reduce the amount you pay. One thing I often do is look for online coupons. I never purchase vitamins without using Pureformulas coupons from sites like referralbusinessbuilders.com and retailmenot.com.

Another thing you want to do if you buy vitamins online is make sure you purchase in large quantities so that you get free shipping. Otherwise, shipping costs can cut into your savings by quite a bit.

This is never a concern for me since I buy from Pureformulas, which includes free shipping on all orders. For this reason and many more, it is the first store I turn to when I need supplements.

In addition to taking supplements, I also have a glass of vegetable juice every morning. It’s best to buy a juicer and make your own juice, but if you are too busy or lazy to do that, another option is to purchase low-sodium V8. There are also many other healthy juices you can purchase, but they tend to be expensive. Although juicers are expensive, in the long run, you may save more by purchasing one.

discount supplements

If you don’t want to do that, I completely understand. Juicers must be cleaned routinely, and maintaining one can be a bit of a hassle.

Taking a multivitamin is another option to make sure all your bases are covered. I prefer multivitamins as opposed to buying each vitamin or mineral separately, since that way, there are fewer pills I need to take. Of course, if I am deficient in a given vitamin, such as Vitamin D, I would buy that separately to make sure I get an extra dose of that particular vitamin.

Good health takes a comprehensive approach. I hope the information I provided in this article will help you on your quest to live the most healthy life possible.


Which is better, playing video games on PCs or Game Consoles?

Unless you have enough money to afford both, most gamers need to choose between playing games on their PC or a game console. In this article, I will talk about the pros and cons of each.

1. Playing video games on computers.
Almost all of us already have a personal computer, so it might seem like playing games on your computer is an easy way to save money. This is definitely true if you plan to stick to simple games like chess, backgammon, or poker. You may even be able to get away with playing some less graphics-intensive massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft. However, if you want a truly immersive experience, you’ll find that several upgrades will be necessary. Most notably, you will need an advanced graphics card, and such cards usually start at around $150. Note that while this isn’t quite as expensive as a game console, it’s still a good chunk of money you need to lay down in order to play games on your PC.

2. Playing games on a game console.
The main downside of taking this route is that you’ll need to buy a console, and right of the bat, this will cost you $300 or more. But one huge advantage of buying a consoles is that once you have one, you can trade or rent games and play a much larger number of games as a result. The best way to rent games is by joining the online service, Gamefly. By doing so, you can have video games sent to you by mail as long as you have a membership plan. At the end of the day, by owning a console and renting games, you will be able to play a far greater variety of games that you would have had you only played games on your personal computer. I personally like to buy consoles and use services like Gamefly for this reason. If you would like to try this service, check out Freetrialspot.com’s free trial offer of Gamefly here.

However, if you only have one or two games you like to play and do not feel the need to try out every new release, you will probably save money by simply investing in a good graphics card and playing games on your PC. I hope this brief piece helps you decide which method of playing games is best suited for you.

A good branded e-cigarette company

I’ve long been searching for a branded e-cigarette company. Maybe it’s just me, but I am more trusting of a branded company that has store locations in the United States. I found quite a few decent companies like Halo, but may main issue to date has been that most branded e-cig companies are very limited in terms of the number of products they have for sale. Some only offer one small battery and one large battery. As you probably know, such setups are only appropriate for new vapers, and do not suit the needs of people who have been vaping for a while.

But my problem may be over. The other day, I found a company called Volcano Ecig, which has an impressive product line and many highly complex devices. This includes sub-ohm devices and highly sophisticated mods like the Volcano Lavatube. There are many other mods you can choose from as well, all of them being very high in quality. One slight negative is that the prices at this store tend to be a bit high. A standard small battery, for example, costs almost $20 a piece, which is almost double what competitors like Halo and Smokeless Image charge. That said, Volcano Ecig devices seem to get rave reviews among users, so I have a feeling the extra cost may be worth it. It’s also important to remember when you shop at Volcano Ecig, can use an e-cigarette coupon from E-cigbargains or other online sites. Such coupons can often save you as much as 15% on your order.

And then, there are the E-liquids. For a long time, I’ve only trusted e-liquids that are manufactured within the U.S. and use food-grade ingredients. Volcano meets my requirements, and offers a great selection of flavors you can choose from. According to their website, they are also registered with the FDA, which means that they will be in compliance with any regulations or rules that the FDA may set forth in the future. In the end, such regulations will be in favor of the consumer and help make sure that the e-liquids we buy are not harmful. For this reason, I couldn’t imagine buying my e-liquids from any store that doesn’t make their product in the U.S.

What’s more, the e-liquids you buy from Volcano are very unique, featuring special Hawaiian flavors you can’t get anywhere else. If you are daring, you might want to buy a few flavors and try mixing them to create your own new flavors as well. This can be a bit risky in my opinion, so I’ll probably stick to buying the pre-mixed liquids. If I do ever create my own blend, I will probably only mix two flavors that are complimentary to each other.

Why Gift Cards May Not Be the Best Gift

If we are to believe statistics, more than 100 billion dollars are spent each year by Americans on gift cards. But are they really good gifts?

Gift cards have become ubiquitous, but there are a few things that are not right about them in my opinion. While being a gift, it feels very generic, as if the giver did not give the gift much thought at all.

Second, a store that you like may not be a store that your recipient will like to shop at. Many gift cards just sit around in people’s desks and remain unused for this reason. In some ways, gift cards are just a convenience for lazy gift givers, but can end up being a hassle for the recipient.

In recent years, a secondary market for gift cards has emerged. This is where the owner of an unwanted card will sell their card online for a discount. Bargain hunters will then snatch up these gift cards, since it can often save them 10% or more. For example, I went to a gift card website and bought a Massage Envy gift card for almost 20% off. The owner of the gift card was able to get rid of a card they had no plans of using, and I was able to get a large discount on my existing Massage Envy membership. Everyone came out a winner as a result.

Another thing that some people do is re-gift their gift cards. Since they can be used by anyone, and since they have no expiration date, re-gifting cards is one way to cut down on your shopping for any upcoming shopping you have to do for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion that calls for a gift.

Tips for printing at a low cost

ink cartridges from 4inkjetsDon’t ever think that buying a cheap printer will save you money. I made that mistake many times, and it turns out the cheaper the printer, the higher the ink costs can be. In the long run, you often end up paying more for owning a cheap printer than you would have paid had you spent a bit more cash in the beginning. We’re all tempted to buy that printer at Walmart that costs just $60. If you do this, at the very least, you should do some research first so you know how much ink cartridges will cost you in the future. At least that way, you would know what you’re getting into.

But what if you’re already stuck with a printer that you bought years ago, and aren’t quite ready to upgrade? The least you can do is find ways to get you ink cartridges cheaper. There are several ways to go about this, and some people even go through the trouble of refilling their ink cartridges. For me, this sounds like way to much work and probably not worth the time and hassle. .

What I prefer to do myself is buy refurbished ink cartridges from a reputable online vendor such as 4inkjets. By buying refurbished cartridges, you will save a few bucks for each cartridge, and if you use a 4inkjets coupon then your savings will be even greater than that. Sure, you only save a few bucks at a time, but over the life of the printer, those dollars can add up. And best of all, refurbished cartridges sold by reliable vendors usually work just as well as a brand new, OEM cartridge. In my opinion, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be purchasing these types of cartridges for your home office or business.

Even if you have a really good printer, you will find many occasions where you will need to order professional printing services or pre-printed products. Here again, it is possible to get a low price if you know the right steps to follow. Let’s take checking products as an example. Most companies need to order pre-printed checks from companies like Deluxe Corporation. Here is how I save money when I order from Deluxe. (You can find other tips at our main business site as well.)

1. Use online coupons.
Deluxe Checks coupons often save me up to 40% off on my check orders. To get these coupons, you need to know where to look. Lucky for you, I’ve done the work for you, and you can obtain the latest Deluxe promo codes by going to this link.

2. Buy large quantities.
Your price per check can be quite high if you order only 50 checks. By contrast, if you order hundreds or even thousands of checks, your price per check will fall dramatically. I usually try to order at least 1000 checks at a time to make sure I’m getting a really low price.

So there you have it. Whether you print business materials on your own or order from professional services, you now know some powerful techniques for bringing down the price you pay.

The best investments long-term

It’s always a great idea to save money, but what should you do with the money you save? Some people use it for major purchases like cars or furniture, but I have a much better idea. Why not invest it? As long as you are a long-term investor (10 years or more) you usually come out ahead by putting your money into stocks, real estate, or other such vehicles.

For more information on the best long-term investments, check out this article on US News.

Best contact lens brands to consider

If you’ve decided to look for the best contact lenses, it’s smart to do a bit of research and decide which brands you might want to ask for when you get your eyes examined. In addition, you should also review your budget and figure out what kind of lenses you can afford. If you have the money, daily disposables would be the best for your eyes, although they also tend to be the most expensive. After that, extended wear lenses would be my choice. Finally, if you don’t have any special conditions that need to be addressed, you can consider getting regular soft contacts.

Focus Daileys from Vision DirectDaily Disposables
On the more inexpensive end, the top brands in my opinion are Focus Dailies by Ciba and Softlens by Bausch and Lomb. There are also plenty of more expensive options, such as TrueEye by Acuvue, which is a great choice if you have the money.

Extended Wear
My favorite extended wear contacts are Air Optix Night and Day, which can be worn for 30 days straight although this is not recommended. Another popular option is Biofinity, which can be worn for 6-7 days straight, but is more wallet-friendly.

Soft Contacts
There are many brands of regular contacts to choose from. These lenses must be taken out every night and cleaned, and replaced ever 1-2 weeks. Popular brands include Acuvue Oasys and Bausch and Lomb.

To buy the above lenses at a discount, I recommend utilizing a Lens.com  promo code.

Christian Mingle: One of the largest dating sites on the Internet

I didn’t know this until recently, but Christian Mingle is now one of the biggest online dating sites, based on size of membership. I had always thought Christian Mingle was just a small niche site, but I was wrong about that. Given that the majority of Americans are Christian, the site caters to perhaps one of the largest niche segments in our society. They also have a great marketing campaign and have been prominent in TV ads.

All of this has paid off. The site now has a membership around 14 million, and only a handful of sites, such as eHarmony and Match.com, are larger.

I’ve had a membership with Christian Mingle for some time, and site is pretty simple. It offers all the basic features of a good dating site. Christian Mingle does, however, have more of a focus on religion. and the profile asks more questions that relate to one’s faith. Similarly, you will be able to learn more about a potential date’s faith by reading the answers they selected.

Another thing that works in Christian Mingle’s favor is the fact that the site is quite affordable. Membership fees depend on the the length of the plan you choose, but overall, it’s typically less than what you’d pay at other dating sites.

Even if you decide to become a member, however, I recommend that you start out with a Christian Mingle free trial from Datingcoupons.net.

There are a handful of other Christian dating sites as well, but in my opinion, you should definitely check out Christian Mingle first. The reason I say this is that the size of membership is a very important factor that determines how successful you’ll be using a given dating site. While other Christian dating sites may be decent, they will have far fewer members, thus reducing the chances of finding the right romantic partners.

Is this fair? Probably not. But it’s the reality when you are dating online. It’s a numbers game, and you want to join the site where there are the most fish in the pond, so to speak. For Christian daters, this means Christian Mingle would logically be your number one choice.

For more on online dating in general, visit dating review sites like Datingcoupons.net.

If you want to read more posts about online dating, head over to our post about eharmony, which is a terrific site to consider joining regardless of your religion.



Best cheap hybrids

Hybrid cars have a lot to offer. Not only will they save you thousands of dollars in gas, but they can give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment. But the one big downside of hybrid cars is that they have a hefty price tag. Because of this, many people who might consider a hybrid car are priced out of the market. Below are two hybrids that you can get for under $20,000, if you are interested in getting a hybrid but don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Hybrid with Goodyear Tires1. Honda Insight
The Insight gets 41 mpgs in the city and 44 mpgs on the highway. While these are good numbers, many hybrids have these numbers beat handily. Some people also complain about the ride quality of the Honda Insight. On the plus side, Insights are considered to be reliable, and have an attractive price range that starts around $18,400.

2. Toyota Prius-c
The Prius-c gets among the best mileage for all cars, clocking in at 53 mpgs in the city and 46 mpgs on the highway. What’s more this car can be purchased starting at around $18,900. The one disadvantage of the Prius-c, however, is that it lacks power. In fact, the engine only has 99 horsepower. If that doesn’t bother you, however, this is probably the best hybrid you can get for the price.

Another possibility for budget minded consumers is to purchase a used hybrid. On the whole, I have noticed that hybrids do not depreciate as quickly as other cars, but you can probably buy a decent hybrid at half the original sticker price if you’re willing to buy a model that’s 5 or 6 years old.

Also, if your primary reason for buying a hybrid is to save money, make sure you use this handy calculator to see if buying a hybrid really does make sense for you.

Once you have your hybrid car, make sure you keep your tires well-inflated and in good condition to further improve your gas mileage.

How to sign up for eHarmony

Most dating sites are pretty straightforward to join. The process of joining eHarmony, however, is a bit more involved. The reason for this is that you need to complete a long personality questionnaire before you can even set up an account. This questionnaire could easily take a half-hour or longer to complete. Fortunately, once you set up a login, you can stop the test at any point and return later to complete it.

coupon on a date

Here are the steps to join eHarmony:

1) Go to a site like Couponleaf.com to get a link to an eHarmony free trial offer: http://couponleaf.com/eharmony-free-trial. This will allow you to take the test, receive a personality profile, set up and account, and review your matches for free.

2) Sign in and take the test. As mentioned earlier, you may have to do this over more than one sitting. I encourage you not to rush through the test. Your answers are used to analyze your personality and locate matches, so you want to be as honest as possible with your answers.

3) Receive your personality profile and create your account. Once the test is complete, you’ll get your personality profile immediately. Next, you are ready to set up your account. This step is similar to what you’d go through at other dating sites. You’ll be able to upload pictures, answer questions, and provide a description of yourself.

4) Receive and review matches. Once your complete your profile, you should begin receiving matches right away. Reviewing your matches is free, and so is some restricted communication. If you want to communicate more freely with your matches, you will need to purchase a membership.

Although eHarmony requires more thought and effort, the extra effort is well worth it. As you may have read elsewhere, eHarmony is responsible for more marriages than any other dating websites. So your odds are favorable when you use this highly popular dating site.

For more on online dating, check out articles on couponleaf.com.

Christian Dating
Perhaps you’ve tried general online dating without much luck. If you’re looking for a niche dating site and you’re christian, you may want to read our Christian Mingle post in which we describe some of the features of this site.

Saving money on marketing your bar

This post is intended for current bar owners or bar managers. If you are in this group, you probably already use a printing service to get all those coasters, napkins, menus, and flyers printed out. But which printing company you select can affect your business in two very important ways.

Vistaprint Main OfficeBottom Line
Printing is a big cost, any way you slice it. And if you select a pricey printer, it will definitely affect your bottom line. The solution? I personally recommend using online printing companies such as Printplace. There are many other online printing companies out there, and this is where a bit of research can go a long way. But Printplace is definitely one of the most well-recognized companies. Their prices are quite reasonable, given the quality of work they do, and you can even get some extra savings if you get a Printplace coupon code, which you can obtain from HotPrintingDeals.com.

How your business presents itself
You may think that as long as you hire a professional printing service, the quality of printing you receive will be similar. Not so. I have seen “professional” companies do quite amateurish work. Unfortunately, as a bar owner or manager, you may need to work with a number of printers until you find one that does a satisfactory job. Online, I recommend reading reviews and customer feedback on various sites to get a feel for which printer does a good job.

Now, with that said, let’s take a look at some of your choices:

Vistaprint is definitely worth looking into. Cheap prices, good discounts, online coupons, and decent quality printing are their strengths. You can get coupons for Vistaprint as well.
Overnight Prints
I like them when I need to get a job done quickly. As you’ve probably guessed by now, they specialize in printing stuff overnight.
As for overall quality, I prefer Printplace. They might not be the cheapest printing service online, but they are highly reliable, and the quality of work they do is second to none.
Myriad Others
Keep trying different print shops online and you’ll soon have your own list of vendors you can trust.

My Favorite Moneysaving Tips

If you are afraid of the coming winter and rising prices, it means that you are interested in more effective ways for how to saving.

1. You can not stand to wait the market to save you
If you don’t afford your house, you need to know what you got to do. You have to make a plan and you can not expect the real estate market to recover and save you. Similarly, if you find a house that looks like a good deal, do not buy unless you can give an advance of 20% and pay taxes, mortgage from your salary and your job is safe.
2. Pay with cash
If you pay with cash for acquisitions, you will not accumulate debt. If you have a credit card overdraft, pay it as fast as you can, because interest paid on the loan is money thrown in vain.
3. Men have to admit they are not good at financial planning
Nowadays, men feel compelled to pretend they know what to do in family budget financial planning. Women, however, have no problem to ask someone to explain again why they do not understand in terms of finance, so it’s better to learn from them.
4. Save all you can
It is recommended to have in the bank an amount you can cover eight months, in case you loose your job. If you think you can just pay the bills and you cannot save ask yourself how you will continue to pay your bills if you lose your job. That would be a strong enough reason to put aside every penny you can.
5. Spend Less.
This is not over simplifying the best way to save spending less! It is essential if you are serious about being a long term money saver and being able to save more every day. Review what you spend and look at ways you can reduce. Consider making telephone calls for instance only at off-peak times. Do you really need to have newspapers and magazines delivered? Can you do without those coffees you buy at break time everyday – would a flask of coffee taken to work save you money? What about using the public lending library instead of buying books or music CDs or DVDs? Try to never waste money and make every purchase a considered purchase. Once you start looking for little ways to save money and spend less you will quickly become an expert and really save money fast. Spending less means you value every penny of your money – you will not be so quick to throw that money away on impulse – after all you worked so hard to earn it!
6. Make sure a sale is a sale.
By this I mean do your price research before you commit to making an expensive purchase in a retailers money-off sale. You have to be sure the sale really is a sale and not a creative marketing strategy of the store to encourage you to spend your money without thinking. Once you have researched the true price of a product (any product) you are in a good position to take advantage of a sale, special offer or discount and really save money. “Buy one get one free”, “50% off”, and “Huge Discount” will only help you save money if the actual price you pay is lower than you would pay somewhere else for exactly the same product.
7. Bulk is good.
Think about shopping and buying in bulk. Save money grocery shopping by planning meals in advance and bulk-buying. You can also save money by cooking in bulk. This is a real way you can save money with little preparation and almost no extra outlay. Always purchase generics when you can. Prepared foods and convenience foods will always be much more expensive than the generic ingredients needed to make the food. Preparing food in bulk and in advance also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and be more accurate in your budget. Save Money by buying in bulk whenever you can. One thing to be aware of when buying in bulk is to be sure that any product you buy will get used before it goes bad – you won’t save money if you have to throw stuff away. Buying in bulk is not only a good way to save money it is also a good strategy for coping with and surviving emergencies.
8. Eat in rather than out.
This is a huge area where you can save money. A cup of coffee taken out could easily cost you TWENTY times (or more) what it would cost you to make it at home. So think before you drink when you are out. Eating is the same. Fast food restaurants are counting on you eating food that you perhaps don’t really need at that time but buy just because it is quick. Why not wait until you get home and have a more nutritious meal and save money at the same time.
9. Use less.
This money saving tip is a lesson we all need to learn. We live in a consumer society where waste is a huge problem. If we could all use and consume less there would be less waste, less power consumption, and the benefits for you are SAVING MONEY. Consider using less shampoo when you wash your hair, this may not mean washing your hair less effectively it means not flushing the excess shampoo and your money down the drain. What about saving on heating? Turn the thermostat down or put on extra clothes when you are cold. Turn off lights, the TV and the computer when they are not in use. Each little saving you make will build up and enable you to save money. Huge savings in energy can be made which will save you money and be good for our planet and the other people on it.
10. Shop Wisely.
Consider markets, superstores, farmer’s markets, local shops, marts and stores. Anywhere is worth checking out to see if you can save money. Farmer’s Markets can be particularly good places to save money. Typically you are buying direct from the producer of the product so the savings are passed on to you. Use your bulk buying strategy here – farmer’s markets often offer opportunities to save money by buying larger quantities of staples, for instance potatoes, rice or corn. Save money and shop wisely.

If you just want to how to save money [http://www.how-to-save-money.us] find more tips and tricks on our online guide!